We understand that there is a lot of potential Doberman Pinscher puppy owners out there that would like to add one of our wonderful puppies to their family. We also know that it can be frustrating trying to figure out how to get that puppy to your home when you are located hours away or in another state. We now offer PUPPY DELIVERY!

No need to spend countless hours researching and collecting bids from puppy delivery agencies or risk paying an untrusted company.

No need to call off work or waste an entire day to drive out for a puppy as well.

In State

We offer services to drive your puppy anywhere within Washington state for a flat rate fee of $200 plus fuel. We do ask that you pay the flat rate prior to heading to your destination. We will send picture and video updates of your puppy while on the way so that you are completely in the loop during transit.

Out of State

We have personally had to reach out to multiple puppy delivery agencies to get one of our future breeding bitches flown out to us from the other side of the country. This process was NOT easy. When you reach out to these companies they put you into a bidding process. I had to speak with numerous different companies and take their bids as well as learn their delivery process and how they operated, what they required for me to do on my part, how much I was supposed to pay, what method of paying and when, and on top of all of that you still have to trust them to not only do their job correctly and take care of your puppy but to actually not scam you out of your money. Yikes right?

No need to worry! We went through it so that you don’t have to. We have 100% trust and respect for the company we ended up going with. They took very good care of our puppy during her flight. We were updated with pictures and videos, text messages and updates about their flight. We loved their business so much that we have teamed up and strongly recommend that you go through us to get your puppy delivered to your state. Safe, reliable & trust worthy.

How it works is the puppy delivery agency that we love and choose will start a group chat between you, them, the puppies’ nanny that will be getting on the plane with the puppy, and us! The puppy agency will seek out from us whatever documents/certificates needed for your puppy to travel. This agency does require that you pay them for their services before they receive the puppy at the airport. They also require you to pick the puppy up from the airport when they arrive. Yes, it is airport to airport. They use Paypal or Zelle and we do supply a small bag of the puppies current food to go with the puppies’ nanny on the plane. We will only be using this third party company from here on out and are glad to do so. The price of the delivery from out of state of course depends on how far the puppy is flying. Quotes are always free and never hurts to ask.

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